• Executive Diploma

Executive Diploma In Business Administration And Management (Level 7)


The Executive Diploma in Business Administration and Management course concentrates on the development of management decision-making skills which can contribute effectively to the needs and expectations of different functions within a business organisation

The course offers an incentive to seek academic excellence and it reflects on the changing demands on business in domestic and international markets. Modern business organisations require skilled management personnel and the Executive Diploma in Business Administration and Management is designed to fulfil these requirements.

General Learning Objectives of the Course

On completion of the course learners will:

  • Have appropriate conceptual skills to address strategic and corporate issues
  • Be familiar with the practical techniques required to respond to the changing demands of business markets and environments
  • Develop practical problem solving skills developed through the research, development and completion of business projects in different specialist areas
  • Appreciate the complexities of internal and external factors that affect management and corporate decision-making
  • Benefit from a stimulating and intellectually demanding programme that can enhance their professional career prospects

Entry Requirements

  • A university degree in a related area of study
  • A university degree in an unrelated area of study supported by a minimum of one year work experience in business
  • An approved professional or vocational qualification recognised as a level 6 qualification
  • Subject-by subject exemptions will be awarded subject to the submission of relevant and appropriate documentation of previously completed qualifications by the applicants
  • Evidence of a minimum of 3 years relevant practical experience at managerial level which can demonstrate that a positive contribution can be made to the programme
  • A 6.0 score or above of an approved English Language Test or recognised school or college English Language Placement Test
  • All applicants must be 21 years of age


Information Technology Applications for Business

Financial Management

Strategic Management Planning and Control

Marketing Operations and Management

Business Research Methods

Business Project

Duration of the course

The course can be completed in one academic year of full-time study or two academic years of part-time study. There is flexibility in the mode of study preferred by individual learners and there are no time restrictions for the completion of the course of study


Exemptions are on a subject-for-subject basis and may be awarded at the discretion of OQA provided applicants already possess a relevant qualification at an appropriate academic level.


The overall assessment and grade will be through:

  • A) Project (5000 words) on a topic selected by the candidates which addresses the learning outcomes of each unit of the course
  • B) The final Business Project will be 10,000-12,000 words and will include a reflective statement of personal learning and the contribution made to the student’s professional development

Students must achieve an overall pass mark of 40% in each subject in order to successfully complete the course and be awarded the Executive Diploma in Business Administration and Management


The subjects will be graded in the following way:

70%+ Grade A Distinction
60%-69% Grade B Credit
45%-59% Grade C Pass
40%-44% Grade D Marginal Pass
0%-39% Grade F Fail


The classifications given above will not be evidenced on the qualifications but will be shown on the transcript against individual subjects.

Award of Executive Diploma and transcript

Upon successful completion of the course learners will be issued with the Executive Diploma in Business Administration and Management and will also be issued a transcript with the grades achieved for each subject.