• Diploma

Business Group Diploma

The main aim of the Business Group Diploma is to provide learners with the opportunity to select subjects or areas of study that they personally consider relevant to their future academic or professional careers.

Learners can select any FOUR subjects at Level 3, Level 4, or Level 5 from the list of subjects listed below:


Business of Tourism and Hospitality

Fundamentals of Travel and Tourism

Geography of Tourist Resorts

Principles of Hospitality Services

Human Resource Management in Hospitality Industry

Customer Care and Service

Hospitality Marketing

Management of Hospitality and Tourism

Practice of Shipping

Elements of Marine Insurance

International Trade and Finance

Maritime Transport Operations

Shipbroking Principles and Practice

Law of International Trade and Transport

Port Operations and Management

Marketing for Shipping Organisations

Economics for Business

Principles of Accounting

Quantitative Methods for Management

Business Administration

Marketing Theory and Practice

Practice of Management

Principles of Business Law

International Business Management



Information and Communication Technology

Introduction to Business

Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality

Introduction to Shipping and Transport

Introduction to Accounting

Entry Requirements

  • Three GCSE’s / GCE`O’ levels and one `A’ level or equivalent qualification, or,
  • An approved Foundation Certificate.
  • Certificate or Diploma awards deemed to be equivalent to the above qualifications

Relevant experience is taken into consideration for students 21 years of age and over who have not completed any formal qualifications.

General Learning Objectives of the Course

On completion of the course learners will:

  • Have a good knowledge of the key principles and practices in their preferred areas of study
  • Be aware of theories that can impact on business decision-making
  • Have an understanding of the relevant environmental influences on the operating environment of commercial and non-commercial organisations
  • Benefit from integrating their knowledge with skills acquired through previous studies or qualifications
  • Be able to explain how relevant theories and principles are applied to selected areas of study

Single Subject Certificates

Learners who wish to concentrate on individual subjects rather than complete four subjects to qualify for the Business Group Diploma award will be awarded individual Single Subject Certificates upon successful completion of their selected subject/s. Single subject certificates will provide subject for subject exemptions towards any OQA qualifications of equal academic standing.